Because this letter will go out in print for people to read, I regard it useful to add some brief instructions on how one should care and provide for the soul in time of death. We have done this orally from the pulpit, and still do so every day in fulfilment of the ministry to which we have been called as pastors.

First, one must admonish the people to attend church and listen to the sermon so that they learn through God’s word how to live and how to die. It must be noted that those who are so uncouth and wicked as to despise God’s word while they are in good health should be left unattended when they are sick unless they demonstrate their remorse and repentance with great earnestness, tears, and lamentation. A person who wants to live like a heathen or a dog and does not publicly repent should not expect us to administer the sacrament to him or have us count him a Christian. Let him die as he has lived because we shall not throw pearls before swine nor give to dogs what is holy [Matt. 7:6]. Sad to say, there are many churlish, hardened ruffians who do not care for their souls when they live or when they die. They simply lie down and die like unthinking hulks.

Second, everyone should prepare in time and get ready for death by going to confession and taking the sacrament once every week or fortnight. He should become reconciled with his neighbor and make his will so that if the Lord knocks and he departs before a pastor or chaplain can arrive, he has provided for his soul, has left nothing undone, and has committed himself to God. When there are many fatalities and only two or three pastors on duty, it is impossible to visit everyone, to give instruction, and to teach each one what a Christian ought to know in the anguish of death. Those who have been careless and negligent in these matters must account for themselves. That is their own fault. After all, we cannot set up a private pulpit and altar daily at their bedside simply because they have despised the public pulpit and altar to which God has summoned and called them.

Third, if someone wants the chaplain or pastor to come, let the sick person send word in time to call him and let him do so early enough while he is still in his right mind before the illness overwhelms the patient. The reason I say this is that some are so negligent that they make no request and send no message until the soul is perched for flight on the tip of their tongues and they are no longer rational or able to speak. Then we are told, “Dear Sir, say the very best you can to him,” etc. But earlier, when the illness first began, they wanted no visit from the pastor, but would say, “Oh, there’s no need. I hope he’ll get better.” What should a diligent pastor do with such people who neglect both body and soul? They live and die like beasts in the field. They want us to teach them the gospel at the last minute and administer the sacrament to them as they were accustomed to it under the papacy when nobody asked whether they believed or understood the gospel but just stuffed the sacrament down their throats as if into a bread bag.

This won’t do. If someone cannot talk or indicate by a sign that he believes, understands, and desires the sacrament—particularly if he has wilfully neglected it—we will not give it to him just anytime he asks for it. We have been commanded not to offer the holy sacrament to unbelievers but rather to believers who can state and confess their faith. Let the others alone in their unbelief; we are guiltless because we have not been slothful in preaching, teaching, exhortation, consolation, visitation, or in anything else that pertains to our ministry and office. This, in brief, is our instruction and what we practice here.

Martin Luther
Luther’s Works Vol. 43, pp. 134-135 American Edition

The goals:
* Maintain current security regarding content restrictions and content filtering in existing apps/modules.
* Maintain/allow privacy settings and restrictions on stored items of existing modules/apps.
* Allow addon devs to store and retrieve arbitrary unfiltered data for use by their addon.
* Allow arbitrary unfiltered data to be assigned privacy settings and restrictions consistent with other modules/apps.
* Provide a mechanism for unfiltered addon data to be cloned to channel clones. (Nomadic identity remains in tact even if the addon is not installed and running on the clone's hub - the data will not be used without the addon (unless it's accessible through the cloud/file interface), but it will exist in the even that the addon is installed and activated in the future).

Proposed solution:
* A standardized interface for addons to track/access and save and retrieve data in the existing attachment file store as an arbitrary data store.

Implementation suggestion:
* add an "attconfig" table (k/v store) and utilities for items in the attach table that mirrors pconfig, iconfig, abconfig, etc. for storage and search of addon-specific attributes.
* add an "addon" column to the attach table to track the originating addon
* implement an interface for the content column (insert/update) (attach.os_storage = 0) to store arbitrary data in the database
* implement an interface for os file contents (attach.os_storage = 1) for addons that may want to allow WebDAV file based updates to addon data.
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