Reddit surpasses Facebook in visits

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This is good news in a number of ways for tools like Hubzilla.   What do you think are the reasons for such a shift?

Reddit surpasses Facebook to become the 3rd most visited site in the US


According to Alexa – the Amazon-owned web traffic analyzing platform – more people now visit Reddit than Facebook in the US. Spotted, of course, on Reddit by user IamATechieNerd, the stats will be a big boost for the social sharing platform, especially with many users still irked about the recent re-design. It’s important to note that analyzing web …
Surprising, in a way. I wouldn't have thought it.
I never visited reddit I even don't know what it is :D
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Hmmm... I see a whole lot of usecases/apps where #Hubzilla would be a perfect fit. But it's not even listed once. And that's a disappointment mes chers amis français. But anyway: I LOVE the map!
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Fediverse physical meeting in Barcelona

Hi there! It's too close in time to be an invite, but in Barcelona we are holding an informal [multi]fediversal meeting tomorrow :)
I attach the poster. Just to say I'll be sharing thoughts on and goodnesses of Hubzilla :)
I may share back conclusions and feelings!

Main poster in catalan

In esperanto

In english

Oh, you can find the organizing entity here
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!Hubzilla Advocacy !Hubzilla Support Forum Good evening/day Hubzillies, good morning Mike!

There is a very interesting discussion on the Hubzilla Support Forum which I really appreciated for all the very constructive content as it also got me thinking about what I want to do with my hub... where, as of now, a personal friend of mine and myself are the only channel owners.

Shall I "open" it to other people (who I don't know personally) by making it public?

Honestly, hosting a hub for other people than yourself is a huge responsibility even without considering the new EU wide regulations. I wouldn't want to take that responsibility other than for immediate family and (close) friends. It's just a matter of trust on multiple levels.

But the subject of Data-Privacy in general and the GDPR could also be addressed as a very strong argument for SELF-hosting your channel on your OWN hub (by using a web-hosting provider, if you don’t have the means to do it “at-home”). We know it's not (much) more difficult than setting & getting up a WordPress instance...

So as I have been helping several dozens of people and friend’s blogs and businesses getting their stuff out on the web since 1998, I could do the very same for whoever would like to open a Hubzilla instance...

Sure, Hubzilla as of now, is indeed a very complex beast and not everyone is capable of understanding and/or maintaining it. To change that, by making it less complex and educating "the many" people to run it themselves - THAT would truly change the way we deal with privacy, data and the social side of networking.

Hubzilla is not there yet. It still needs a too steep learing curve for the user and for a Hubmin, it requires regular interventions to maintain a secure and up-to-date operation. But if I look back on WordPress - just as an example, not necessarily a role model - the WP auto-updater for core and (many)plugins changed my life so much... I might only spend 10% of the time I used before to support the website owners who relied on my (free) services... why shouldn't that also be possible with a software wich is already so good, that there is no real challenger to the depth and width of it's functionality...

My host offers a Hubzilla compatible package starting from EUR 6,36/month - and I am sure there are many even cheaper/better options available on the market.

If a professional/commercial ISP/WebHost would put that idea into life as part of their regular business model - by supporting a domain/hub customer as they do with (some) their website business - regulary just pushing updated software to their customers, keeping the databases consistent and leaving the whole administration & content alone - I'd be the first in line to buy and recommend such a service to everyone I know! It would, for sure require a MAJOR work for the developers - and it might actually be too much to ask for.

In my humble opinion, only THEN Hubzilla could be a major enabler to have it's potential "many users" truly OWN their DATA... otherwise it's only enabling those who have what it takes to run and operate a hub. Which is absolutely great and the reason why I use it.

But: Anything less than that, a solution provided by a friend or a community is a compromise. Not necessarily a bad compromise. But the question remains: Why should I / can I trust that friend/community/company with my personal data?

It needs time, it needs a community, it needs people helping people.

I know nothing – but I’m willing to learn and to share.

That’s why I am here.
Thanks for setting me up with the directions to your collective, Jan Ulrich! A VERY interesting concept as such! Now if we would have not one, but many of such "collectives", that might really enable a change on the marketplace! But I also don't have any issue with purely commercial approaches to the vision either. Only as many flavours as possible make an infrastucture really resistant to monopolization.

I'll consider the next time I'll be seting up a hub for someone. It might also be a good place to just host some clone of my existing channels.
Decentralization Isn't the full answer, but it can help!

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You Can’t Opt Out Of Sharing Your Data, Even If You Didn’t Opt In


The Golden State Killer, who terrorized Californians from Sacramento to Orange County over the course of a decade, committed his last known murder in 1986, the …
Thank you for sharing this!
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[Proposal] Community effort - Hubzilla - Social plaform with great potential.


Short update We've fixed small issues such as inability to upload images, fixed some server setup etc.   @antilopa managed to create a base theme from derived from the default hubzilla (redbasic) theme, so we can properly start working on new theme.    All the disrooters that jumped on the train helping out, are now busy testing, trying, breaking and documenting all the million features hubzilla brings.
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Why would businesses want Facebook culling through their internal business communications?!  Here is definitely an angle for Hubzilla in terms of marketing and advocacy.

Any photograph here using #hubzilla?

#flickr got just sold to #SmugMug and thought that could be an oportunity to introduce people how hubzilla could be used for presenting their images.
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I don't know about a plugin that works with Flickr. Recently @Christopher M. Rasch compiled a nice list of Hubzilla plugins on the wiki:

There are already some widgets for displaying photos and albums from the Hubzilla file storage that you can use in Hubzilla Webpages, for example. If you are looking to have complete control over the presentation and interaction with your photos yet maintain the decentralized access control over the content, an addon would probably be the way to go. Still, you might be able to achieve what you want using a theme instead, but I'm not certain.
I haven't seen any plugins that worked with Flickr yet.
Turn on Webpages in your channel settings. Go to Webpages. Add a layout like this, change the album name. Create a public webpage and select this layout. The public album images will now be displayed by the Portfolio widget, like this - :-)




[var=album]Flowers for you[/var]
[var=title]Flowers for You - Love and Friendship[/var]
Breaking my Hubzilla...

Something is seriously screwed wit my instance. Please see
and you'll find a post there that I think should be visible here, but it is not.
I'm not seeing anything obviously wrong at the moment. Renaming a site usually does have a few side effects and it takes a bit of time for the changes to show up on other sites in the network.
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I procured the domain and set it up with an SSL Cert (Let's Encrypt).  Currently it redirects to

Hopefully nobody objects (if they do, I can remove the redirect).
I gave up a year or two ago and whoever was squatting on it let it expire last month. So another few weeks and you can probably get that, if you want.
It looked like that was the case, then it looked like the registrar had it locked until 2019.  I wonder if they paid the extra to recover it? (Or I read the who's info wrong - I'll have to recheck)
Read the whois records wrong.  I was looking at several domains and must have mixed them up in my head.  I'll try to keep an eye on it and nab it.

I've also nabbed as a cheap introductory price.... renewals aren't as cheap as I'd like but won't break the bank.  Just leaving it parked for the moment.
Got Zot? Another great article!

Lots of people have spent a lot of time writing a lot of good stuff on Zot and Hubzilla!  Here's another great example!

Got Zot?


An introduction to the protocol that powers Hubzilla2017/08/01 The world is full of protocols. Some are loosely defined by society, and some are rigidly defined by their architects. In many urban environments, for example, there is a protocol for how you ride an escalator: if you choose to stand, you stand on the right side so that those who choose...
I just noticed that I never concluded that article properly. I had more detail in a draft about channels with new graphics but never finished them. I need to correct this. For now I can just remove the last paragraph.
I added some content about what nomadic identity actually is to try concluding a bit better.
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It is very well written and contains a lot of "new" info for an average user on the net. I really like it.

[edited incomplete sentence...oops]
More good stuff!

It’s like totally time to build your web site on Hubzilla


Hubzilla is a free and open-source software stack providing a decentralized network of hubs, much like a social network.
Hubzilla Publishing Explained --- WELL!

What Some People are Saying

Nice entry level review of Hubzilla!

Experimenting with a channel-based approach for online resource sharing


Could Hubzilla provide a base to build from for Project MoodleNet?
The Issue of Digital Privacy Nicely put in focus

Andrew ManningAndrew Manning wrote the following post Thu, 12 Apr 2018 21:49:51 -0400
Introduce privacy into your online life
Most people who use web services have no idea how privacy works in the digital realm. This is primarily due to the fact that the services and software they use do not support their privacy. This article provides an introduction to some of the basic concepts of privacy and guides you in ways to bring some privacy to your life online.

Webpage form:

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Handy Chart summarizing channel types

h.ear.t | tobiash.ear.t | tobias wrote the following post Tue, 10 Apr 2018 16:26:36 -0400
Hubzilla Channel Roles - An Overview
When you register at Hubzilla you are presented with a choice of channel roles. There are
  • social channels with varying privacy settings
  • forums with varying privacy settings
  • feed channels
  • a soap box function for announcement only channels
  • group repositories

The docs explain the basics about what is what, but I was always missing a tabled overview. So I created one.

Nicely done!

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Finish this sentence. With Hubzilla, I _________________.

With Hubzilla, I am always drawn back to its privacy options, security, many features and possibilities, after playing elsewhere.
... I feel save to share photos, calender and thoughts with my family
...I feel getting the oportunity offerd of being within intersectional communities within an online space where I have the power to decide about my data. Now we just need other groups using it for that purpose too.
GOOD QUESTION: What is HUBZILLA really about? Communities or Websites?

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From a comment on another thread:

One reason Hubzilla isn't as successful than other community systems is IMHO the concept itself. The community is not at first place but creating websites.

Reference: where it states
Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites.

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(HT: Holger for the question!)
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The marketing of the software is directed towards people which build communities not towards the actual community members.
The marketing of the software is directed towards people which build communities not towards the actual community members.

This was an important concept four years ago. I'm not sure I'd stick with it. Maybe yes, maybe no. They (community builders) turned out to be a pretty fickle bunch.  Let's take a survey of those that are now creating sites and see what their common purposes are.
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Groups likely to be sympathetic to Hubzilla

@M. Dent , you remind me so much of myself a few years ago when I started participating in the Hubzilla project development and outreach :-)
I think I'll take that as a compliment. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
It does mean you have to grow a beard (or at least a mini one).
hubzilla in the time of SESTA/FOSTA

@Hubzilla Advocacy+
I like the idea of this forum with a focus 'how to get hubzilla into the public' aka hubzilla advocacy.

While discussing a general strategy in first hand to then get into specific strategies might be a better aproach, I'd like to start with a specific one. For the following reason:

SESTA/FOSTA a new law that just has passed in the US. If I understood correct, its changes will take effect from now on. It was to be told being a law to tackle sex trafficking, but is in fact a discriminative tool stigmaticing sexworkers and eliminating their online communities. (and acting against free expression, starting with a minority)
That in fact is adding more economic pressure on them and making them more volunarable for sex trafficking. trafficking is an issue, that's out of question. But on how to counter this issue, sexworkers are the subject matter experts of their own field.

They (many) have decided online communities as something important to them. An right that the US is acting against now.

The initative #AssemblyFour is this activly countering now through their freshly opend service at (mastodon with some modification)

(if I know correct, in leading position of this initative are ppl being #sexworker and a transwomen.)

During the first days +20.000 users have joined. Right now they are gaining coveradge by 'big news'.

See here for example:
or this:

Obviosly sexworker have different needs on how a plattform should work.
Mastodon is great, but is missing a couple of functions that could be of great interest to them.

My idea would be to find out how #hubzilla with it's current functions could be best used for their needs, creating a test acc., writing a short summary and presenting it to AssemblyFour.

If you're afraid about bad reputation for hubzilla, keep in mind that it's done in the context of supporting an anyway already marginalized group against state repression.

pls let me know what do you think of it.
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I think you are on to something, @h.ear.t | tobias , a visualization bottom-up. :-)

However, I think it makes sense to extract common features even more, e.g. where do hashtags, mentions, notifications, category labels fit in?

If you do this, drop the colours at first, then reintroduce the colours afterwards. Different colours indicate grouping, e.g. everything green is is connected and separate from blue. Colour gradients, e.g. dark green to light green, indicate degree of a common feature. Currently, you do not seem to have settled these two ways of using colours to convey meaning.

Also, if possible, use a label only once, e.g. do not repeat the word Hubzilla as you move upwards. A title might be "Hubzilla", or if you prefer, the bottom horizontal bar. If you do the latter, then the next horizontal bar might be just "Core".

A way to do this might be to change from horizontal bars to thin-lined rounded squares. The out-most is "Hubzilla", inside that at the bottom is "Core". Inside "Core" is "Protocol", inside "Protocol" is "Zot", inside "Zot" is "Nomadic ID" and "Magic Auth". Inside "Core" are other features of core. Above "Core" might be other rounded boxes, like "Apps" and next to "Apps" is "Plugins", if there is any point in differentiating between what you get "out of the box" and what you might add from extra sources.
I just published the first version of the introduction/turorial that is ment to be focused on sexworker/clients, specially from the US.

you'll find it here: