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Social Coherence

!Hubzilla Advocacy
a thought-provoking read... Hubzilla's place in this transition needs to be communicated to others (simply).

Not exactly a ringing endorsement...
"We can take heart in the fact that there is less at stake in the fate of any single system in decentralized environments with smaller jurisdictions than there is in the fate of a monolithic system."
Interesting read why to move away from Google and Apple towards Hubzilla and the like

16. Android sends periodic updates to Google servers, including device type, cell service carrier name,
crash reports, and information about apps installed on the phone.26 It also notifies Google whenever any app
is accessed on the phone (e.g. Google knows when an Android user accesses their Uber app).
This one I did not know.

FromView PDF

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Yep, it's a thing since Android H or I if I remember correctly. It can be turned off before but since Android N I no longer see the option to do so.
Product vs Protocol

!Hubzilla Advocacy
Sometimes people are advocating a product... Hubzilla, Mastodon... other times, an underlying protocol... Zot, ActivityPub.

I'm thinking many folks, even some "techs", have the incorrect and conflated impression that

We need clear messaging to break out of the confusion.
A moderation tool is the next logical step.  I have no idea whether AP can/cannot... it's just that everyone is talking about it and expectations are high.  

In some circles, Mastodon is getting a huge credit for "inventing" things when in reality they should just get appropriate credit for IMPLEMENTING certain things... even then, some have said they don't fully follow some standards.

Here's another example, FWIW:


Yeah, I had read about that. I think people see this as ID verification when really it's just id linking. I can set up a complicated web and "build an id" but it doesn't necessarily link it to "the real world". I think that ancor is important.
Sure it can (federate moderation) and some other projects have already implemented this. I've got some minimal support for these messages but they need more work. Mostly, I believe in self-moderation through settings sane permissions - which is impossible in ActivityPub. But yeah, you can use the protocol to send a warn or block to the instance admin. I will eventually implement that part. I'm *not* going to implement shared (federated) block lists. I don't believe somebody in Germany should have the right to censor something that appears on my server, no matter how distasteful it might be; because that means they have the means to censor *anything* that appears on my server.  

I've also started on rel-me verification (which we've supported on the outgoing side for years). To make it really valuable we'd have to restructure the profile elements a bit.
Ethical Social Media Platform Design

!Hubzilla Advocacy
Mastodon enjoys all the press attention, it seems. Friendica and Diaspora get mentioned, yet nothing about Hubzilla.

(I'm having health issues preventing more engagement here, sorry; will participate more after surgery in three weeks.)
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Sorry you are not well! All the best to your recovery -


some one how can write English very well should drop Jennifer Jonson a note
Sorry you are not well! I hope things go well for you and your doctors get you patched up quickly.
I think the best use of this article is to use it to ask how does Hubzilla answer the issues raised? Once we have that list in hand (or at least answers that are clearly different from what D* and Mastodon provide) - THEN go to people like Jennifer and others who have written on the topic and say, "Hey, we've been around - we've seen the situation - and here's how we've actually addressed it and provided solutions." Granted, it'd be nice to see our name in print. It'd be nicer if the reporters were able to say, "Hey, here's some folks who have answers and aren't expecting magic pixie dust to solve the issue."

I think Hubzilla and the ZOT ecosystem is uniquely positioned to actually provide some of those answers. I also think there is a need for tools and resources that haven't yet been developed that answer some of the problems.
"Interesting Places" catalog

Do you know any "Interesting Places" on the Grid? Things that my be of general or specific interest that you "check in" to see on a regular basis?

Add your favorite public channels and forums below with a brief description of what people can find there. It'd be great to be able to suggest some specific 'starting points' for new users. Sure, there's the search and directory - but nothing like that is ever as good as a personal recommendation!

!!Hubzilla Advocacy
Maybe put a posting your forumsto say, "hey, if you find this forum interesting, add it to the list on this thread" or something like that! Then it won't quite feel like shameless self promotion, LoL
I can say that here in hubzilla we have forum-groups for:

jazz, TVseries, Tea, Progressive-rock, pink floyd, lovers of beaches and sea, crime detective films/literature, cats, dogs, martial arts, science fiction...
there really are various .
the problem is that only some of these are active, others, due to the few people and also to the lack of time etc ..., they are almost inactive, but they  exist.
Edit : not cats  but all felines.
Recommendation to review Hubzilla at TuxJam

Hi @Kevie,
I just saw your post where you ask for recommendations for open source software to review.
KevieKevie wrote the following post Tue, 23 Oct 2018 08:35:05 -0400
If anybody has any recommendations for open source software to review (especially lesser known projects) for the #TuxJam #Podcast then please either mention me in the post or email any suggestions to tuxjam@otherside.network #opensource

I would like to suggest you Hubzilla:

Hubzilla is an open source, modular, server based, operating system used to run a decentralized social network including functions for chatting, forum discussions, file hosting and wiki platform. The exchange of information is done through the protocol "Zot" which provides enhanced privacy modes (while sharing posts and data) and identity/content mirroring across multiple servers (this is called "nomadic identity"). Hubzilla federates to other social networks through the ActivityPub and Diaspora protocols. The software is stable. Two days ago, the version 3.8.1 has been released.

There are several peer-reviewed papers which discribe use cases of Hubzilla in real life, but reviews about the software are rare (I only know one in a german podcast) (see i.e. the german Wikipedia entry for a list of references). Thus it would be nice to see the first english review of Hubzilla at TuxJam!

!Hubzilla Advocacy
 from Diaspora
Thank you very much for your suggestion, I shall discuss Hubzilla with the TuxJam crew and also give you a shout out on the show 👍
Something I recently worked up...

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Zot.Social: A Network that's MORE than Social


Make Connections. Build Communities. Contribute to Something Greater.

!Hubzilla Advocacy
The only thing about Wasabi is that you pay for the space used by deleted objects for a while after they are deleted. But I don't think I'll even reach a TB in a year, and deletions will be fairly infrequent given the stuff we do in HZ. Of course, I wouldn't try to put my SQL database on it... then you might run into a problem.
It looks great! The icons respond to mouseover. This behavour usually means: click it, and you will jump to that section/page/... But it seems that there are no links?
It's part of the 3rd party template I used - basically to give a static page some interesting "interactivity". I've seen the effect elsewhere. But no, there are no links.
Publicity Planning - Release of 3.8 (Part 2)

As a followup to my previous post about publicity planning for the next release, I thought it would be good to look at segmenting the potential audiences for messaging.

The basic question is: Who needs to hear about Hubzilla?  (We'll worry about tailoring messages later, let's just get a list of different groups which may have different motivations for being interested in the software)

Here's a quick initial list I came up with - but I'm sure you can come up with more!

  * Entrepreneurs looking for a platform upon which to build / for which to offer products and services
    * WP/Drupal developers seeking a more extensible platform
    * WP developers looking for more outlets for theme/plugin development
  * Entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the desire of people to leave centralized services
    * eg., offer HZ as SAAS
  * Businesses and organizations seeking a comprehensive internal communications tool
    * Subgroups include:
      * Executives who task their IT departments with investigation and implementations of solutions
      * 3rd party integrators who are "outsourced" IT departments that install/configure systems for businesses
      * Internal IT department workers who are tasked with finding and implementing company wide solutions
  * Individual users seeking refuge from centrailzed services
  * Hobbyists and volunteer system administrators who do work for family, friends, local community groups, non-profits, even public/private/parochial schools, libraries, etc.
  * Community and civic groups desiring to control their own communication infrastructure

Which of these categories do YOU fit into?  What other categories can you think of that would benefit from hearing about and using Hubzilla?

Beyond just publicity for the software release.... what Hubzilla Community infrastructure is needed to bring members of these groups up to speed and help them along to achieve their aims?  What exists now?  What needs to yet be developed/established?

It's an exciting time to be involved with this project!  Hubzilla is FAR MORE than a "social media" platform.  It is a privacy and security aware communications platform with cross-domain identity features that can handle all kinds of different communications tasks.  

The excitement over Tim Berners-Lee announcement show how hungry people are for this solution.  Let's make sure they know that they don't have to wait until Berners-Lee raises enough funds to make it a reality!  Let's make sure they know they can have it now, today, through Hubzilla!
I am
* Hobbyists and volunteer system administrators who do work for family, friends, local community groups, non-profits, even public/private/parochial schools, libraries, etc.
For me:
* Individual users seeking refuge from centrailzed services
* Hobbyists and volunteer system administrators who do work for family, friends

Maybe your list can be split into 4 groups:
  • Professional users / Enterprises
    • Hard to tell for me, as I have no idea how software decisions in companies are made. Would boost the project definetly if Hubzilla was used for more professional uses. Maybe collecting already existing usecases and putting them as examples on the hubzilla.org page could help people get an impression what Hubzilla is capable of.
      Maybe having a official contact person for requests for more professional use cases might help. Like "If you are interested is using Hubzilla for your group, institution or buisiness and have questions about the software, please contact ...".
  • Non-profit communities, civic groups, public institutions
    • basically same as 1.
  • Hobby admins
    • There already exists a good guide for installing Hubzilla on your own home server or shared
      hosting which is acessible from the main hubzilla page. And there is the support forum.
  • Individual users
    • People would need one ore more stable Hubzilla servers where they can register. Start.hubzilla.org is there already but the warning at the registration "(2) you accept that this hub may discontinue service or become inaccessible at any time." can be dismaying. And it's maybe not the idea to have all users on the same hub anyways. There is a list of public hubs at https://the-federation.info/hubzilla and /pubsites but no list is on the hubzilla.org page if you want to register. Maybe putting a list of open Hubs there would help. But even then it's hard to tell which hub is reliable. There is the reputation plugin for forums. Were there ever thoughts about a reputation system for hubs?
      Also thinking about the relation to zap/osada at this point, as there are mainly designed for this use case. In the future people wanting so sign up for a social networking only should perhaps be directed to zap/osada servers. But as long as Hubzilla is not Zot6 compatible yet this would not be a good idea.
  • Public Hubs (with or without financial incetives)
    • There are in my opinion 3 main challenges in setting up a hub for public use: 1. Technical (maintaining, solving problems if they occur, backups) 2. Financial and 3. Legal (DSGVO, copyright issues). It would help people who would want to run a service open to the public to have a "guide" that covers legal and financial issues besides the technical ones as well (of course we can't give legal advise, but collecting material that is availible from people running hubs already and perhaps other open source "platform" and fediverse projects could be done).
Adressing the different groups in the homepage:
It's good that at hubzilla.org there are already the options "Register an account on HUBZILLA ⟩⟩ Start", "Try a demo" and "Run your own hub". If we draw on the different use cases we could make a sections there like: "Who wants to use Hubzilla?"
  • People that are looking for an alternative to centralized web services like social media, blogging, cloud storage, calders, wikis ...
  • Hobby Administrators who want to build a secure and privacy-respecting platform for themselves and their friends on a homeserver or shared hosting
  • Groups, institutions or enterprises that look for a extendable decentralized collaboration platform, content management system or website generator.
Clicking on on of the three categories leads you to an extra section that explains why Hubzilla is a good pick for that particular usecase, provides examples how it has been used and how to go on from there. (e.g. sign up or install)
Publicity Planning - Release of 3.8

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!Hubzilla Advocacy

As things progress for the release of Hubzilla 3.8, I'd like to gather together ideas and hopefully people to work together on publicity to surround the release. Over the next few days, I intend to present a question or two each day that will help gather material and refine some strategies and content for the effort. JOIN IN! HELP OUT!

To start with, let's think about how Hubzilla is ALREADY in use and what it's used for. Share your Hubzilla story below. What do you use Hubzilla for? How does it help you day to day? What projects are you planning to implement using Hubzilla? Why are you drawn to Hubzilla? What has Hubzilla replaced in your tool chain?

It doesn't have to be a technical, "how-to" (though, that may be a fun project too!). Just a paragraph or two that tells others how YOU use Hubzilla and what benefits you derive from Hubzilla.

And if you are still developing your project - why are you developing using Hubzilla? What does Hubzilla bring to the table that other platforms and systems do not?

!Hubzilla Development !Hubzilla Support Forum
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I use Hubzilla to connect and because it can connect to a much larger fediverse. There are great people in Zotlandia, The Federation, ActivityPub, and OStatus that no other software can reach (other than Friendica once AP is implemented). This allows me to see all these networks under one roof, I don't need to create an account in each (although I did for test purposes and as backup) nor use multiple mobile apps for each. Hubzilla just can.

Hubzilla also have other features that I find useful like its wiki addon. Instead of installing a full blown wiki like MediaWiki (I run MW for a different project called Verses.Space, a CC By-SA 4.0 worldbuilding project), I can use Hubzilla Wiki to write down notes, How-To, and other documentation I would want to record and present. This is the project I have in mind in the long-term.

Then there is the permission controls offered by Hubzilla. We can easily setup or tune our permissions the way we want it. I can assign some users with the ability to edit or create new wiki pages in my account, or upload to a file or photo, or create a "page" and assign contributors. The permissions are broken down so we can tune it the way we want if the need arises. We don't have to beg for a particular permission because it is already there.

Hubzilla is a personal home. A gateway. A portal. That one software which can open the most complete and largest Fediverse, and provides what we want when we want it (the addons).
We are using HubZilla on our slow process of revitalizing an old phpBB community forum about open-source game development. As the upgrade path is difficult for that forum (historic hosting reasons), we are slowly adding additional services and Hubzilla is a great tool to connect to the wider gamedev fediverse on Mastodon etc.
"Hubzilla Advocacy" -- Forum Permissions

!Hubzilla Advocacy

Apologies for not checking sooner, but I just recently found out that the permissions on this forum were not configured properly and prohibited forum members from posting. Ever member should now have post permissions.

Quick note: I will likely be implementing the new "channel reputation" system on this forum in the near future. Since this is a "low volume" forum, it likely will not not impact anybody's ability to post or comment. At the same time, it will make it impossible for people to join just to spam everyone on the list.

When it's implemented, it's functioning will be explained in more detail.

Again, sorry for the perms snafu. All members should now be able to post and/or comment on posts with no problem. Feel free to message me or tag me in a message if you run into problems.
Hubzilla has landed @ de.wikipedia

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Wikipedia-Artikel auf deutsch über Hubzilla

!Deutschsprachige Nutzer, ich habe einen Wikipedia-Artikel auf deutsch über Hubzilla verfasst. Ich bitte euch, ihn gegenzulesen, zu verbessern oder Verbesserungsvorschläge als Kommentare unter diesen Beitrag zu setzen. Danke. Die Verbesserungen werde ich danach auch in den englischen und französischen Artikel einfliessen lassen.
!Hubzilla Advocacy !Free / Libre Open Source Softwares #Wikipedia #Hubzilla
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Also die #WikipediaAdmins haben jetzt ein Paar Autoren die Regeln beigebracht, wie die Sachverhalte informativ und neutral beschrieben werden können. Man kann mit diesen abgehärteten Admins über die Auslegung der #WikipediaRegel streiten. Man kann aber #WikipediaWikipedia sein lassen und in der #FilterBubble, die sich außerhalb #Wikipedia befindet, diese Regel bei der Darstellung von #Fediverse so anwenden, wie WIR es für richtig halten :-).
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@h.ear.t | tobias Which article series mean you? OK :).
@neue medienordnung plus
Die Adressen werde ich prüfen und ggf. übernehemen (wenn es Dir recht ist).
Mit Stephan Maus hatte ich schon einen Kontakt. Er empfahl mir mich an die Redakteure und Journalisten zu halten, die sich auch mir dem Themen Social Media auseinander zusetzen. Es ist wenig zielführenend alle anzuschreiben.

Desweiteren gibt es viele (wirklich viele) Anleitungen und Tips wie man Pressemitteilungen schreibt.

Kernaussage ist eigentlich immer:
- Wähle interessierte Journalisten für die Pressemitteilung aus.
- Gestalte die Pressemitteilung einheitlich, so daß diese einen Wiedererkennungswert hat.
- Nicht länger als 2 Seiten
- Schreibe kein Fachchinesisch sondern kurz, prägnant und allgemein Verständlich.
- Benenne verfügbare Ansprechpartner für Rückfragen und Interviews.
- Wo gibt es weitere Infos?
Google Plus is Shutting Down!

Could be an opportunity specifically for #Hubzilla, #Osada, #Zap, #Socialhome, and #diaspora.

Non-enterprise Google+ will shutdown on 2019-08-31. It's not clear if Business Pages and Community Groups are included. Since these two are integral and were built on top of Google+, hundreds if not thousands of Pages and Groups have to find a new home, a new platform.

(Cross-posted to !Hubzilla Advocacy group.)

Google+ is Shutting Down After a Vulnerability Exposed 500,000 Users' Data


Google is going to shut down its social media network Google+ after a vulnerability exposed 500,000 users personal data.
to other social networks
I doubt they'll ever consider the fediverse face with rolling eyes
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@Nick Ka Yep, but hopefully it will be some export file as well so we will have a chance to import it to Hubzilla somehow. I recalling the announce on common Data Transfer Protocol.
Ahh, yep, the Data Transfer. This will be a very good time to implement it fully and see it in action.

I think for the Fediverse it's just a matter of who's willing to code it. The way I understood DTP is it's sort of a unified "language" or set of data. How to label and arrange "boxes" so other networks can unbox it properly for their own use and system.

And then submitting to the DTP the transfer and auth code for a particular service/software so the DTP itself can handle it and make it automatic, without the user needing to export and import manually.

At least it's how I understood it.
Possible avenue for Developer Recruitment (Wordpress Devs)

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!Hubzilla Advocacy

Just had a thought as it relates to increasing the size of the developer pool. With the release of 3.8RC, we may have an opportunity to do some recruiting.

"Social Media" is only a small slice of the Internet and it's only a small slice of what Hubzilla does, but it seems to be what people most associate with Hubzilla. The "web" is far more than Facebook, Twitter, Mewe, etc. and Hubzilla is far more than the activity feed. But somehow, that's where we find ourselves thinking and working much of the time.

WORDPRESS - on the other hand - has thousands of developers working to extend the web-site platform to try to do everything under the sun. And they face a number of challenges which developing on Hubzilla avoids: 1) the Wordpress market is nearly saturated with developers and solutions. 2) the way that Automattic interprets and applies the GPL makes commercialization of your code and offerings VERY difficult. 3) the design and the structure of the Wordpress codebase is very resource intensive (as compared to Hubzilla).

Hubzilla, on the other hand, needs talent, uses the MIT license (freeing devs to commercialize addons and themes), and is coded to avoid the resource requirements native to Wordpress. On top of that, Hubzilla is coded in PHP and has a fairly shallow learning curve coming from Wordpress development (I've coded plugins for Wordpress and done theme development).

What's more, the vast majority of WP developers are focused on UI and presentation (areas where Hubzilla is often considered lacking).

With all this in mind, it seems to me that the WP community may be a good place from which to recruit some talent.

Some Hubzilla ARTICLES/websites talking about Hubzilla as "the NEXT Wordpress" or "Wordpress but better" and a "Wordpress Alternative" as an application development platform could go a long way!

If you are a HUBZILLA fan who wants to get involved and you don't code but you can write, this may be a way for you to help and contribute to the project!
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Hubzilla is NOT a "does it all" platform. Hubzilla is a platform upon which it all can be done.
This is a solid idea, @M. Dent!  

From what I can tell so far, @Mike Macgirvin et al have created a fairly comprehensive application environment with a high level of native flexibility through option arrays, configuration patterns, page composition engine, templates, apps, and so on. It's clear a great deal of attention has been paid to the integrity of the underlying functionality.

Unless I'm missing something, there is also a lack of sites EXPLORING the bounds of the application, implementing more combinations Hubzilla features/options, and putting their own "look" on it.  Most appear to be vanilla out-of-the-box deployments.  Which is fine, but...

I came here for a couple of components that Hubzilla offers (to enhance my own software project) and happily found much more.  As an old programmer, I can tell this is not a typical codebase.  I would expect experienced WordPress programmers would recognize many of these capabilities pretty fast.

I agree that Hubzilla has a messaging problem.  Comparisons to WordPress probably make more sense than to Facebook.
Personal Data Stores

Just FYI... someone thinks Personal Data Stores will be the Next Big Thing:

Seems Hubzilla overlaps into that arena.  Food for thought.
It not only overlaps. It is more mature and ready for deployment TODAY! And, it's easier to install. I think the marketing for Solid/Intrupt could be very helpful for Hubzilla - especially if we can start making sure it gets on those "Alternative to" lists and find a way to generate buzz and conversation a little bit.
Interesting read. Some robustness to the Profile system could make Hubzilla a real contender in the specific space the article is talking about.
PR for Hubzilla

!Hubzilla Advocacy
Resharing this old-ish post... is somebody out there, who would like to speak for Hubzilla?

TLSN.com Admin (Rick)TLSN.com Admin (Rick) wrote the following post Tue, 18 Sep 2018 19:42:17 -0400
new Fediverse podcast - PR opportunity?
!Hubzilla Development
I posted elsewhere but THIS is probably the place (I am aka @afterpod admin (rick) ).

a new podcast about the Fediverse hosted by @kevinflo@mastodon.social

A knowledgeable person who could LITERALLY SPEAK for Hubzilla could probably get booked for a future episode pretty easily. Probably someone in this forum.