Any photograph here using #hubzilla?

#flickr got just sold to #SmugMug and thought that could be an oportunity to introduce people how hubzilla could be used for presenting their images.
!Hubzilla Advocacy
I don't know about a plugin that works with Flickr. Recently @Christopher M. Rasch compiled a nice list of Hubzilla plugins on the wiki:

There are already some widgets for displaying photos and albums from the Hubzilla file storage that you can use in Hubzilla Webpages, for example. If you are looking to have complete control over the presentation and interaction with your photos yet maintain the decentralized access control over the content, an addon would probably be the way to go. Still, you might be able to achieve what you want using a theme instead, but I'm not certain.
I haven't seen any plugins that worked with Flickr yet.
Turn on Webpages in your channel settings. Go to Webpages. Add a layout like this, change the album name. Create a public webpage and select this layout. The public album images will now be displayed by the Portfolio widget, like this - :-)




[var=album]Flowers for you[/var]
[var=title]Flowers for You - Love and Friendship[/var]