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Hey all, just curious what folks are using for tools in development.  I'm looking at switching IDE's (I'm still in the stone ages... I did step up from VIM - but it was more like a half-step to a glorified version of gedit - actually - "Geany" with no addons if you really want to know).

So... looking for thoughts and recommendations - I end up coding in several languages and will be adding one or two (glutton for punishment).  Mostly PHP, but also some Perl, NodeJS, and looking at some stuff in Go that I might need to do...  Oddly, haven't coded anything in C lately... hmm....

Anyway - if you have thoughts or suggestions... I'm looking for them.  Thanks!
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Seems fish is still a thing. :-)

Mike Macgirvin
Emacs and a browser. Vi if there's nothing better. Ed/ex/edlin if there's nothing better. cat/type > file if there is nothing better (don't laugh, I've had to use this on fibre router firmware recently).
I use vscode in GUI and micro on the console

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M. Dent

M. Dent
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Is there a single function call to get the xchan_hash for both local and remote users?  It appears from a quick look that get_observer will only return the xchan of remote users.

What I'm looking for is a globally unique identifier by which to store the history of interaction within the app I'm creating.  Does such a thing already exist?  Or do I need to create a custom function to do this?
M. Dent
Ok, nevermind, I found where the observer is set for local users (hint for future: it's in the change_channel function in include/security.php.

That means get_observer_hash should work for both local and remotes to get xchan_hash, correct?
Mike Macgirvin

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Early Christmas Eve service
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